Types of Actuator Valves for Industrial Process Control

Actuator Valves are more commonly pneumatic, but you will also find a wide range of hydraulic and manual actuators in the industry as well. These valves have a simple design and their extreme reliability makes them a top choice for several industries. Pneumatically operated valves provide high stem output and are perfect in demanding service conditions. The need for accurate solutions has empowered manufacturers to design actuators in electric, manual, and hydraulic variants as well.

Electric Actuator Valves are not only more expensive, but they are more complex as well, hence understanding their needs is crucial. They offer several key advantages and will be perfect for several applications. Every type of actuator comes with its own set of advantages and is designed for a specific purpose. While manual ones are perfect for power, electric ones can operate even when there is no air supply. There are several popular actuators in the market, below we have listed the top actuators in the market to help you decide the best one for your industry.

Types of Actuator Valves

Diaphragm Actuators

Diaphragm actuators are pneumatically operated, these units use air supply from controllers, positioners, or other sources. Some of the most common styles include direct acting and reverse acting. Some features of these Actuator Valves include

  • The net output thrust is measured as the difference between the diaphragm and the force of the opposite spring.
  • These types of actuators offer linear performance and a greater level.
  • The required output thrust and the availability of air supply pressure dictate the size.
  • These types of actuators have a simple design and are known for their reliability.

Piston Actuators

Piston Actuator Valves are also operated pneumatically. A 150 psig high-pressure air is used to operate these units. Since plan air is used in the process, there is no such need for a supply pressure regulator. These actuators are double-acting and give maximum force in both directions. Some of the most notable features of Piston Actuators include —

  • Piston actuators offer both fast stroke speed and maximum thrust output.
  • You will have the option to add several accessories to place a double-action piston. This includes a locking system and pneumatic trip valves.
  • Flywheels are also available with this unit, it can be used to operate butterfly valves and other similar industrial equipment.

Electrohydraulic Actuators

Electrohydraulic Actuator Valves are the best of both worlds. They only require electrical power for the motor and electrical signal input from the controller. Some of the most notable features of these types of actuators include —

  • These are ideal for isolated locations where pneumatic supply pressure is not even available. However, you will also need precise control of the position of the plug.
  • These types of units can be generally reversed simply by making minor adjustments, and these can be independent too including motor, pump, and hydraulically actuated double-acting piston.


Types of Actuator Valves

Manual Actuators

Manual Actuator Valves are extremely useful when you do not need any automatic control. If you need manual operation and control, these units will be the perfect option for you. Some of the most notable features of these types of actuators include —

  • Manual actuators are available in a range of sizes for globe valves and rotary valves.
  • These units are often used to activate the bypass valves in a circuit around the control valve.
  • These units are much cheaper than automatic ones and will be a perfect alternative if you want a solution on a budget.

Electric Actuator Valves

Electric Actuator Valves are one step ahead of manual ones. These units are extremely capable and offer better effects than manual ones. Electric valves use an electric motor and a form of gear reduction to move the valve. Some of the most notable features of these actuators include —

  • These mechanisms are primarily used for continuous control with varying degrees of success.
  • These valves are more expensive and offer the same performance levels. Future designs can cause people to shift to electric actuators.

Final Words

Actuators are an important part of the industry. These different types are perfect for specific industries and you will find the best choice depending on your needs and industrial requirements. If you want to improve your industrial operations with Actuator Valves, you must ensure quality products. Choosing a reliable provider is the first step toward streamlining your operations. Mohsin Trading is one of the best suppliers offering a variety of products in the market. We offer a range of Actuator Valves in the UAE. Browse our collection from our website, or get in touch with an expert team at +971 55 672 1352.