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Check valves are used in places where close monitoring and operation is not needed. Check valves are also called non-return valves, reflux valves, retention valves, foot valves, and one-way valves. Check valves only allow the flow of any liquid or gas in a single direction. They typically have two openings, one for entry and one for the exit for the fluid. Check valves are inexpensive valves used in almost every piping network in industrial, residential, and commercial settings. You can get them in various sizes, costs, designs, and materials. Most commonly, check valves are available in carbon steel, metal steel, and alloy steels (molybdenum or chromium variants), or plastic materials for the outer body.

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Check Valve - Specifications, Types, and Application

Check Valve – Specifications, Types, and Application

Check valves are classified into various types based on their design and mode of operation. Some of the popular types of check valves are :

  • Ball check valve
  • Double Door check valve
  • Lift check valve
  • Piston check valve
  • Stop Check valve
  • Swing check valve
  • Tilting Disc check valve
  • Spring-loaded Check valve
  • Diaphragm check valve
  • Duckbill Check Valve
  • Foot check valve

Each check valve is designed for a cracking pressure at which the valve will operate. Cracking pressure is the minimum differential upstream pressure between the inlet and outlet of the valve.

Check valves can be connected to the main piping system using socket weld connection, butt weld connections, and flanges. They can be used in both horizontal and vertical arrangements.

Check valves are typically used in piping systems that transport seawater, black water, fuel, gases, and other liquids.

Check valves are ideal to use in situations where backflow is not to be permitted, and the pressure in the system has to be maintained at a constant. These valves are also used as a backup if a pump fails due to system pressure exceeding the equipment’s capabilities. They stabilize pressure and help compressors and reciprocating pumps functions.

Check valves are one of the fast-selling valves at the Mohsin Trading company. We deal in all types of check valves in different sizes and configurations for our customers. Our company is one of the few suppliers of check valves that have a standing stock arrangement with all manufacturers so we can deliver the product whenever you require.

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