High Pressure Valves

UAE is home to many prestigious and challenging manufacturing, processing, and oil and gas companies across the world. Many of these companies are involved in complicated manufacturing in automobile, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, refineries, and other processing functions. These industrial plants are operated in conditions where the standard pipe and pipe fittings cannot be used safely for a long time. In such cases, industries employ high-pressure valves to control, direct, regulate, and maintain a particular high-pressure in the system. As important as are the pipes and other equipment, the high-pressure valves are also vital for a safe, secure, and productive operation.

Why do we need high-pressure valves?

Many operating systems in industries require high-pressure and need that pressure to be maintained constantly as well. In such cases, air-tightness or water-tightness becomes paramount. Usually, high-pressure valves are used in conditions where the pressure exceeds 500 psi itself. There are specialty valves that can handle up to 50000 psi.

High-pressure valves are also used to check the state of a system operating at high pressure in many automated industrial processes. High-pressure valves can be used in the form of directional-control valves, by-pass valves, safety valves, or pressure-control valves also.

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