Pipe fittings are vital to any manufacturing and industrial operation, especially in the UAE where the majority of the industrial applications revolve around processing and delivery of liquid and gases such as crude oil, petroleum, water, and natural gas. In such a scenario, the market has a large demand for quality fittings that will hold their setup together and be long-lasting even in harsh conditions.

Like you choose the quality of machinery, pipes, and other material, you must also pay close attention to the quality of valves. Mohsin Trading LLC is one of the leading dealers in pipe and pipe fittings in UAE. We bring international products to all industrialists in the UAE and are the leading supplier of Oliver valves in the country.

Oliver Valves

Oliver Valves

Oliver Valves is a world-class manufacturer of valves with different industrial applications from the UK. The company has been in this industry for 40 years working in innovative design and materials for instrumentation valves, subsea valves, and other pipeline valves.

Oliver Valves is the leading premier needle and ball valve manufacturer, operating globally. Oliver Valves has an extensive product range offering both needle and ball valves to 24,500 psi together with needle valve manifolds and close coupled manifolds.

Oliver Valves is trusted by thousands of companies with there worldwide reputation. A full range of mono flanges, slim line mono flanges, double block & bleed valves, injection valves, sampling valves, distribution manifolds and instrumentation products complete the extensive range offered by Oliver Valves.

Accredited to ISO 9001 : 2015, Oliver Valves is able to offer complete component tracebalitlity across a wide range of instrumentation, pipleline valves and accessories. Comprehensive in-house facilities satisfy both production and special testing requirements.

Oliver Valves has products in all popular sizes, designs, with innovative technology that pioneers safety, quality, and efficiency across industries.

Mohsin Trading LLC is the leading supplier of all international quality pipe fittings from Oliver Valves. The company is the direct dealer and has the best warehousing capacity in all of the UAE. We can supply any product across size, designs, and material whenever you need. Mohsin Trading LLC is a specialist in valves and can suggest the best product for your operation. We have been a trusted and reliable supplier of Oliver valves for leading industrialists across the UAE and would love to be part of your supply chain.

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