Actuator Valves or Control Valves

Many types of valves are used to switch on or switch off the flow of a liquid-based on some conditions set in the operating process. The control valve is one of the few valves that is used to control the fluid flow conditions such as flow rate, flow pressure, and liquid level. The valve varies the size of the flow passage. Actuator valves are a type of control valve where the valve is operated automatically without manual intervention at all times. The valve actuator moves the valve’s central change element like a ball or a butterfly to change the flow passage size.

Actuator Valve Types

Based on the type of force applied to control the valve’s movement, the actuator used in the control valves are classified into three types :

Pneumatic Actuators

In the Pneumatic actuator valve, the control valve’s modulating element is manipulated or directed using a piston/diaphragm arrangement. The force is transmitted to the valve via the motion of the stem. This type of actuator valve is preferred for high thrust and compact size arrangements.

Electrical Actuators

In this type of actuator valves, an electrical component such as a motor controls the valve mechanism by either a solenoid and a motor itself. In the solenoid type, the solenoid valves direct the airflow in and out of the pneumatic actuators causing the motion. However, the motor works on an electrical pulse directly and moves the valve. Electrical actuator valves are found to be easy to operate based on the interface.

Hydraulic Actuators

For hydraulic actuators, a fluid motor uses the hydraulic pressure to direct the control valve’s modulating system to control the fluid rate. This type of actuator valve has a fast response to signals, can operate at high loads, and has variable stroking speeds as well.

How to choose Actuator Valves?

To choose the best actuator valve arrangement for your operations, you must consult the vendor and engineer on the operating conditions and what force will be ideal. Safety must be the focus here, and only the compatible type of actuator must be chosen.

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