When it comes to handling liquid and gases in a processing plant, you need the best quality with topmost precision. The need for pipe fittings varies based on the type of industry in size, design, and material as well. Most industrialists and operation personnel prefer to use branded products that adhere to international standards. Choosing such products means you can depend on them to perform well with minimal maintenance without any issues of leakage, downtime, and corrosion.

Valtec Valves

Valtec Valves

Valtec Valves is a manufacturing company based out of Taiwan and has been in the field of manufacturing, distribution, and sales of valves since 2008. The company is renowned across the world for its best quality across all its products and is a favorite with major companies. The company deals in ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, strainers, flanges, fittings, OEM balls, and casting. Valtec offers all these products in stainless steel and carbon steel. They come with and without a mounting pad model. The company has everything you need in valves always with the promise of quality.

Valtec Valves extend business from manufacturing Ball Valves into all kinds of Valves, Flanges, Fittings and related accessories. valtec currently masters in supplying kinds of Stainless Steel and Cast Steel Ball Valves, Valves (Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly valve & Strainer), Flanges, Fittings, OEM Balls & OEM Castings worldwide.

Mohsin Trading company has a strategic partnership with Valtec Valves and is the leading supplier of Valtec Valves products’ in the UAE region. We maintain permanent stock and can deliver the products as early as you want without any delay.

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