Introduction To Numerous Types Of Gate Valves

Gate valves are some of the most widely used valves in industries. These valves are an important part of pipelines and help make an industrial piping system safe and durable. The applications of a Gate Valve are extremely wide, and these valves can work both manually and electrically. These valves are easily distinguishable due to the construction of their shut-off parts, and you will find them with a range of features. You will find several gate valves available in the market, and each of them has a unique set of features that sets them apart from the rest. Their design and capability make them suitable for a specific set of operations. Thus, if you are thinking about adding gate valves to your operations, choosing the correct one will be important. To help you, here are the top types of gate valves you will find in the market — 

Gate Valves

Wedge Gate Valves

These valves feature a shut-off part that is designed in the form of a wedge. This wedge can be designed to be both rigid and flexible. Wedge gate valves are categorized as the following —

  • Rigid valve – If your application requires high hermeticity, you must choose a rigid Gate Valve. However, while choosing you must ensure that wedge processing is seamless to prevent issues like gate jamming. Since these valves can malfunction in high-pressure and high-temperature scenarios, you must buy them from a trusted supplier to get the best quality.
  • Flexible Valve – These valves are connected with an elastic part. Thus, the plater can be clamped down if you want to improve the sealing in the closed position. When you choose these valves, you will not require any complex adjustments in your daily operations.
  • Valve with 2 Plates – This valve comes with several plates to prevent the problem of gate jamming. Since these can be self-adjusted, you will not have to pay much attention to these valves in your industry.
Gate Valves

Parallel Gate Valves

These valves come with an inclined internal surface and parallel seats. Parallel valves are heavier when compared to wedge or slab valves. The two gates are designed in halves and they are forced out against the seats at the point of closure. Thus, you will get tight sealing with this type of Gate Valve. These valves are more suitable for transporting media at lower temperatures and pressure. Since the processing and maintenance of these valves are much simpler and affordable, they are a famous choice for industries with limited budgets. The gate of these valves is fixed and will not easily fall off, and hence it is considered a durable option for your industry.

Slab Gate Valves

These valves have a single parallel-faced slab gate. Sealing is done by differential pressure inside the valve. In addition to that, the design of this valve is always conduit type. A slab Gate Valve is suitable for almost every application. You can even use it for head isolation, process piping, tank, etc. However, when you decide to add this valve to your industry, you will have to share your requirements with the supplier. They must know whether you will use it for downstream or upstream as well.

Knife Gate Valves

Knife gate valves are easily recognized due to their stand-out design. These valves have a knife-edged single piece that is parallel slide to the Gate Valve. These valves are primarily designed to handle slurry and solids that can potentially obstruct any other valve in the industry. The edge of the side cuts and pushes the solids aside to ensure that nothing is interrupting the flow. Knife valves must not be used in hazardous situations or events where the pressure is too high.

Final Words

Gate valves come in many shapes and sizes and finding the perfect one will help you keep your industry running. Since every valve has unique designs, you must assess your requirements before installing one in your industry. These are the top valves that you can find in the market to streamline your industrial applications. If you are looking for a trusted supplier to provide you with the best solution, have a look at Mohsin Trading. We offer the best Gate Valve in Dubai and assist clients with installation as well. Browse our collection from our website or get in touch with our specialized team at