Gate valves are probably the image we always associate with valves. The gate valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a typical shut-off valve. The gate valve permits the flow of liquid or gas across its section by lifting a barrier or gate and shutting the gate down in close condition. Since it is a complicated operation compared to a ball valve, the gate valve is used as an isolating valve rather than a control valve. Gate valves are slightly cheaper than ball valves in some instances and permit flow across the whole section, providing a low-pressure drop. You can choose the gate valve you need based on the size, design, material for the particular temperature and pressure conditions.

Where do we use Gate Valves?

Gate valves are used frequently across industries for all types of processes and applications. They are preferred for underground works as they do not need regular maintenance and are cheaper to replace in case of repair or damage. Gate valves are used in situations where :

Gate valves
  1. A pressure loss has to be avoided, and a free bore is desired
  2. The water hammer effect has to be avoided by the slow turn of the valve from open to close position
  3. Piping systems for the transport of potable water, wastewater, and neutral liquids at nominal temperature and pressure
  4. Transport of gases under stable conditions
  5. Pipes with large diameters (greater than 2”) are used
  6. Easy installation is desired

Gate Valves Advantages

Some of the reasons to be the popularity of gate valve among different industrialists are :

  1. Gate valves open completely and allow the flow of liquid/gas across the whole pipe leading to a very low-pressure drop during operation
  2. Gate valves have a good sealing property in closed condition than most valves
  3. Gate valves can be used in high pressure and temperature situations with minimal maintenance
  4. Gate valves can be used for granular, solid, and largely viscous medium transportation as well.
  5. Gate valves have dual flow properties and can be used in places where the medium may change flow direction.

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