Types of Actuator Valves for Industrial Process Control

A check valve is a mechanical device that allows the flow of fluid in one direction. Check valves are used for a variety of functions and serve as an integral part of many industries and setups. Generally installed in the pipeline of fluid, these valves are used to prevent the backflow of any liquid or fluid. By design, a check valve has two ports, one is used for the inlet and the other for the outlet. Due to their design and function, these valves are also referred to as non-return valves or one-way valves. In modern times, a check valve performs a range of functions and has become an integral part of many fluids and pipeline types. Below we have discussed different types and applications of check valves to help you choose the right one for your needs.

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Spring Loaded In-line Check Valve

These types of check valves are considered easy to operate, maintain, and feature a simple design. As the pressure increase at the inlet exceeds the cracking pressure, the disc will be pushed. This mechanism will create an opening allowing the fluid to flow through the valve. If the pressure decreases below the cracking pressure, the disc will move in reverse and the spring force will close the opening to prevent the backflow of the fluid.

Spring Loaded Y Check Valve

The operation of this valve is very similar to the spring-loaded one. However, there is one difference, the disc is placed at the angle to the flow direction of the fluid. This small change allows the check valves to inspect and maintain when they are connected to the pipeline. The shape of this valve is different and will take more space than the spring-loaded in-line valve.

Ball Check Valve

The ball check valve can either be spring-loaded or free floating. The cracking pressure for the spring-loaded valves is more when compared to free-floating valves. This is why, the free-floating solutions are used in low-pressure applications, and the spring-loaded ball check valves are used in high-pressure applications. The working and function of these valves are similar to the in-line valves. The only difference is that instead of a disc a ball is used for shut-off and on purposes.

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Diaphragm Check Valve

These check valves contain a rubber diaphragm. This part flexes inside the valve and is responsible for opening or closing the passage. Due to the diaphragm, the cracking pressure is very low. As the pressure increases at the inlet, the diaphragm will flex more and the size of the passage will increase accordingly. When there is backflow, the diaphragm is forced against the opening and the seal. This mechanism will prevent backflow. These types of valves are considered ideal for low-pressure or vacuum applications.

Stop Check Valve

These types of check valves are similar to a lift check valve or a Y check valve. However, these units come with spring assistance. These valves also have a manual override feature allowing them to be operated manually which is different from any other check valve available on the market. The manual override feature allows you to override or maintain the valve in both closed and open states. Thus, you can use this valve for two features at the same time. This is an ideal solution for places such as generation plants, steam generator factories, the manufacturing of safety accessories, etc.

Major Applications of Check Valves

Depending on the function they perform, different types of check valves might be right for your operations. Here are some of the most common applications these valves are used for:

  • Preventing backflow to safeguard a device or system from damage.
  • Preventing contamination due to the backflow of the fluid.
  • Maintaining vacuum seal.
  • Avoiding pumping action within a pipeline.

Final Words

Check valves are available in several different types. Every unit includes different features and is suitable for different applications. You will find a wide variety of check valves in the market, and you can find the best ones depending on your needs. Make sure to assess your applications and the industry before making a final choice. If you are looking for a trusted supplier to find the best check valves in Dubai, UAE, Mohsin Trading has got you covered. We offer a wide variety of options to choose from. Browse our website to look at our collection of products or get in touch with our team at +971 4 2230269.