Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are critical to manufacturing, processing, drilling, or material handling plants. They are devices that are used to calibrate, identify, record, and control the pressure existing in a system. Usually, all equipment in these situations work in high-pressure conditions, and a drop or increase in these pressure readings can even be fatal to the people working here. This statement is a testament to the fact that pressure gauges are not optional but essential mandatory components for every operation. Based on the operating conditions and serviceability of the particular point, engineers must choose the type of pressure gauge needed. It can be manual, automatic, high-accuracy, or nominal accuracy. This decision is important as it will determine the safety, productivity, and operability of an industrial plant.

Function and Importance of Pressure Gauges

From the definition and introduction of the pressure gauges themselves, we hope we have stressed the importance of pressure gauges in any operation. Pressure gauges are responsible for conveying the state of pressure in every system in a plant, highlighting if there are any issues, and also control the pressure throughout the system. Pressure gauges are flexible to the extent that they can be installed at any point in the network and are quite easy to understand, operate, and maintain.

With such important functions, the quality of the pressure gauge chosen plays a significant role. The engineer’s notes and design requirements have to be followed stringently to avoid any mishaps. Some of the factors to be considered while choosing the right pressure gauge are :

  1. Dial size based on mounting location for maximum readability
  2. The durability of material based on operating conditions
  3. Mounting options
  4. Pressure range
  5. Pressure type such as absolute pressure gauges, gauge pressure measuring devices, or differential pressure gauges
  6. Accuracy level


Pressure gauges are frequently used in vacuum reactors, refining industry, power generation industry, refineries, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing/processing, refrigeration, air-conditioning, and sanitation industries for checking the vapor pressure, leakage, or monitoring the level or flow of the fluid.

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