How Water Meter Works ?

What is a water meter?
A water meter is a device used in measuring water usage. These devices measure the volume at which water is used in different areas such as residential or commercial settings where the water is supplied by the public water supply system.
A water meter is also used to find the flow through a particular portion of the system.

Benefits of a water meter
Here are the advantages of installing a water meter:

  • Pricing is derived by volumes of water used
  • Encourages conserving water
  • Keeps a check on the regulation of water
  • Helps in the detection of water leakage
  • Efficient distribution of water

How does a water meter work?
If you are wondering how does a water meter work, here is the how of that question:
A water meter device has a disc inside of it that wobbles when water enters it. Since the water meter measures the volume, the chamber where the disc is present is divided into comparts with each compartment measuring an exact volume.
The wobbling movements are then transmitted to an indicator. The cycles of the disc are converted into rotary motion and shown in cubic feet on the water meter.
100 cubic feet = 750 gallons of water

Why is a water meter important?
With upcoming technologies, one prevalent trend that is being used everywhere to monitor many things through the internet is the Internet of Things. Under this, we have seen projects like smart cities, smart homes, RFID tags, etc.
The same technology is being used in water metering so that the public water supply system can monitor water supply and make more effective and efficient decisions for the environment.
This can be seen in Dubai, with more than 80% of water meters being smart and the new technology enabling the government to make better decisions.

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