Why Should You Use A Water Meter?

Water is a basic utility, but unlike other utilities like gas and electricity, people don’t get many offers to save money on this utility. Since the price is fixed, you can’t do much about saving money. However, you still have a chance to save water by installing a water meter. Switching to a water meter will help you get a fixed price regardless of the water you use.

When you install a water meter, you will only be charged for the amount you use. Thus, if you think your water usage is limited, and you don’t want to end up paying thousands of dollars in your water bill, installing a meter will be the perfect option for you. Since it is a significant aspect of your household, it is important to consider everything before making a final decision, here are a few benefits that you will enjoy after installing a water meter.

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Basic Information About Water Meter

Water suppliers provide these meters and you can request them free of charge. After making the request, the meter is installed within 3 months. People can apply for a water meter through the official website. If you are renting an apartment, you can ask your landlord to get a water meter installed if the duration of your tenancy is 6 months or more.

Why You Should Choose a Water Meter

Here are some of the most notable reasons to install a water meter in your home 

Low Volume Water Usage

Water meters are ideal for households when their usage is low. If you live alone, or with your partner, installing a water meter will be the right solution for you. However, you can’t always depend on the number of people assessing your water usage. If the water usage is high, then installing a water meter will help you control excess bills, and you may end up paying more. This is why you should review your water consumption, and if you think it’s not too high, you should switch to a water meter to save money on utility bills.

Better For Environment

When people pay for the water they consume, it makes them more conscious of the water they use. This results in low water consumption which is ultimately beneficial for the environment. To save the bill, people will try to consume less water and also ensure that water is not wasted. They will also switch to better water valves and more water-saving solutions preserving the water in the process.

water meter in Dubai

Early Leak Detections

If you ever face a leak in your home, a water meter will give you an early warning of the same. The water meter will alert you about any extra usage and alert you about the leak. Early leak detection will also ensure that you identify and fix the problem quickly and save your property from sustaining water damage.

Freedom to Change Your Mind

For 2 years, you will have the option to switch back to the non-metered supply. If you install a water meter and still don’t find any change to your water bills, you will have a buffer of two years to change it back. This means, you can try installing a meter and if you are unsatisfied with the results, you can go back to the original option. This way, you will get the flexibility of trying a water meter and reviewing whether it works for you.

Final Words

A water meter can be a progressive step if it’s done right. You must take all the factors into account before installing a meter in your home. If the water usage is low, and you only want to pay for the water you use, a water meter will be the best option for you. If you are looking for a trusted supplier to help you with water meters and marine valves have a look at Mohsin Trading. We have helped several clients and we will help you find the right solution for your home as well. Browse our website to look at our collection of products or get in touch with our expert team at +971 55 672 1352.