What is floating ball valves

A ball valve is used in a low flow setting to control the flow of gas and liquid. A ball valve has a metal ball inside it which has a bore through the center. The two major types of ball valves are floating ball valves and trunnion ball valves. Let us talk about the first type of ball valve here.

What is a floating ball valve?

From the name, in a floating ball valve, the ball remains free to float inside the body of the valve. It is held in place with a compression caused by the two elastomeric seats which help to seal the line pressure.

The ball valves move in downstream because of the ball being fixed to the seats due to compression. This movement allows people to rotate the valve in quarter-turn, or 90 degrees, to close or open the valve.

They are ideal in low to moderate pressure projects since it becomes difficult to rotate the ball valve if the upstream is strong. For upstream cases, trunnion ball valves are used because in this type of ball valves, the ball remains fixed and the seats move slightly.

Floating ball valves cost less compared to trunnion ball valves. They are also very simple in design and give a good sealing performance

Floating ball valve supplier in UAE

The most common place where a floating ball valve is used is in the oil and gas industry. UAE is one of the largest producers and suppliers of oil to the entire world, not to mention the number of mega industries set up in it. It is only obvious that they use the best kind of equipment, from valves to huge machines. Hence, the best quality ball valves are also supplied here. They come in different sizes and can also be customized as per your requirements.

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