What is Engineering Plastic?

Heavy-duty industries need heavy-duty materials. Even though our life has become unimaginable without the usage of plastics, there are still many drawbacks to using regular plastic products or commodity plastics for industrial applications with high pressure and temperature conditions.

Engineering plastics are the answer for complex and sophisticated industrial applications in the manufacturing, oil and gas, and other processing units. It can help reduce operational and maintenance-related repairs/replacements and long laster than its other regular plastic counterparts.

If you use commodity plastics in your industry and want something with the characteristics of plastics and higher resistance akin to metal or ceramics, engineering plastics are the way to go.

There are several perceptions in the market for engineering plastics, and we want to set the record straight before we go any further.

Engineering Plastics

A group of plastic materials or a section of plastic that has a better mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties is called engineering plastics. Engineering plastics are a specialized form of plastic, produced especially for mechanical parts and niche industrial applications where the need for a stronger, durable, and high-performing material is imminent.

Engineering plastics are subject to many national and international regulations due to their sensitive applications. Mohsin Trading is one of the most reliable and trusted trading companies dealing with engineering plastics.

Why choose Engineering Plastics?

Some of the major industrial works in the UAE are focused on the manufacturing, oil and petroleum extraction, and processing areas. Metals and ceramics are the conventional choices for equipment and mechanical parts in these industries.

However, the world is slowly moving towards engineering plastics due to its easy workability and scope for innovative and unconventional design.

Engineering plastics provide better mechanical and thermal resistance without being as expensive as high-temperature plastics. They prove to be better choices than PVC, polystyrene, and polyethylene, as they can be used in temperatures between 100°C and 150°C without frequent replacement.

Engineering plastics are often custom-designed to suit a particular industry’s working conditions, and not mass-produced for a broad range of requirements. This makes them highly desirable as industrialists do not have to compromise on any requirement at any stage.

Where can you use Engineering Plastic products?

As we said, engineering plastics are not one size fits all type of product. Engineering plastics have very specific properties that can be made to fit your requirement.

A popular type of Engineering plastic is Nylon or Polyamide. This is used in places where the mechanical part needs to have great resistance to wear and tear without being heavy-duty.

PTFE or Teflon is used in connector strips, pump housing, household mechanical parts, and valve parts due to its great electrical insulation properties with low friction.

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) can be found in cable insulation, bearings, pumps, compressor plates, etc.

Mohsin Trading and Engineering Plastics

Mohsin Trading is one of the leading traders when it comes to engineering plastics. We specialize in sourcing the exact grade and type of engineering plastics you need and supply a wide range of engineering plastic products such as flowline materials, valves, hoses, hydraulic components, and fasteners, to name a few.

Everything that is needed for the oil and gas, manufacturing, and processing industries we deliver without a doubt.

Contact us today for the detailed product list.

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