What Are Globe Valves And Their Types?

Picking the right valve is an important aspect of every industry. Every valve has different features and it is suitable for a specific job. While some valves only let you have two states (open and closed), others let you moderate the flow of liquid, depending on your requirements.  One of these valves is Globe Valves. They are the most popular types of valves in the industry and are used in several applications. Globe valves are different from gate and ball valves in terms of design and functions. You will also find different types of globe valves in the market. In this guide, we will look at globe valves, their types, and how it is different from other valves in the industry.

Globe Valves and Their Types

What are Globe Valves?

Before installing it into your industry, you first need to determine if they are right for you. There are a couple of things you must know about Globe Valves. First, these are lateral movement valves, which means that by design a globe valve will open or close depending on the up and down movement of the stem. Second, these valves allow, stop, and even throttle the flow of fluid.

While most valves only allow open and closed settings, there are a couple of valves that can throttle the liquid flow as well. Third and the most important thing you must know is that these valves because major head losses during the throttling service. The working of these valves is simple. When they are open the fluid flows up through the opening within the seat. To close it, the stem is screwed down until the disk blocks the opening of the seat. The ability to throttle and moderate flow is one of the greatest advantages of Globe Valves.

Globe Valves and Their Types

Types of Globe Valves

Globe valves are mainly divided into three types, Y, T, and angle valves. These are the types of valves classified on the basis of body type. However, valves are also classified as internal and external thread types as well. Sometimes valves are also classified into different categories based on the flow type and direction of flow angle. Below we have discussed some of the most common types of valves you will find in the market.

T Type Globe Valves

T patterns are the first type of globe valves. These units have the lowest flow rate and a higher pressure drop. These valves are used in extreme throttling systems. In applications where throttling is required without the concern for pressure drop, T-type globe valves will be perfect.

Y Type Globe Valves

These types of globe valves will have the least resistance when compared to the other ones. Once these valves are completely open and the stems are at a 45-degree angle, the path of the flow is straight without any resistance. These valves are primarily used in start-up operations for throttling. Also, using the Y-type valves is recommended for drains, as these can valves can be barred to avoid debris.

Z Type Globe Valves

These are the most frequently used valves in the industry. The simple design makes it easier to install and use. The seat of this valve is accessible by the bonnet. In this valve, the stem acts as a gate valve which is passing through the bonnet. Due to their simple design, these valves are easier to install, maintain, and even repair. If you need throttling and pressure drop is not a problem for you, these valves will be a perfect fit.

Angle Type Globe Valves 

Another popular type of globe valve is the angle valve. The entry and exit are located at right angles. This allows the fluids to fall more symmetrically than discharge from an ordinary valve. Since it has an angled body, this unit can be used as both a valve and a pipe elbow. The resemblance between an angle and a traditional globe valve is that they are used for moderate pressure, temperature, and flow conditions. 

Final Words

A globe valve is a versatile piece. You will find several variants of this valve in the market. While some are best for high pressure, others perform well in case of moderate pressure. You must have a look at all variants before choosing one for your applications. In addition to choosing the right valve, you should also contact a reliable supplier to ensure the highest quality. Mohsin Trading is one of the best globe valve suppliers in the UAE. You will find a range of options in their collection. Browse their website to look at their products, or get in touch with their expert team at info@mohsintradingllc.com.