What are Actuator Valves, their Types, and Advantages

Actuator Valves are devices that are used to position valves. These units can be used to completely open or shut a valve. When an application requires a steady flow of water or any other liquid, an actuator is used to maintain that flow. These valves allow the user to modulate the position of the valve and ensure the flow of the liquid, gas, or any other medium.. Several industries use this valve in their operations.

With the variety of solutions available in the market, you will find a perfect solution to accommodate your needs and ensure your industrial operations are handled smoothly. Every actuator valve has its own set of advantages, and you must choose the best option depending on your needs. Listed below are some of the most well-known Actuator Valves found in the industry and their advantages.

Actuator Valves

Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic Actuator Valves use pressurized air to open a valve. They perform this function by applying the force of air to the diaphragm or piston attached to the stem of the valve. These solutions are used to provide automatic or semi-automatic valve operation. Due to their working and automatic function, these types of actuators are considered the most popular option in the market. Some advantages of these types of Actuator Valves include 

  • They feature an extremely simple and dependable design that is both easy to use and understand
  • These valves have a fast stroking speed
  • The fire risk with these solutions is minimum
  • You will find these types of actuators at a low cost
  • Industries can also store the pressurized air allowing them the freedom to operate even during the power loss

These valves are the most popular solution in the industry. Their design and features make them perfect to control the flow of water in power plants. This is why you will find pneumatic actuators used commonly in such plants and industries.

Electrical Actuators

These Actuator Valves include electric motors and are often known as solenoid-actuated valves. Primarily, these electric motors are used to open, close or position the valve. These solutions can be operated automatically, semi-automatically, or manually. The design allows the motor to operate in both directions. The solution works by driving the valve stems using gear couplings. Since they are an electric solution, they use electric power to attract a magnetic slug attached to the stem of the valve. Some of the most significant advantages of these types of Actuator Valves include 

  • They do not require any pressurized source of air or fluid
  • These solutions are extremely useful when the temperature is low
  • They are capable of producing a lot of power and operating the valves seamlessly
  • You can operate them at a consistent speed
  • Electric cables are considered way easier than piping
Electrical Actuators

Hydraulic Actuators

Hydraulic Actuator Valves use pressurized fluid to control the movement of the valve. The fluid these valves use could either be oil or water. It is fed to either one or both sides of the valves and causes the piston to move. These solutions provide either an automatic or semi-automatic operation. Since these valves run with hydraulic fluid, you will be required to keep them in hand if you wish to use them during power loss. Some of the most notable advantages of these solutions include 

  • They are considered more powerful than a pneumatic solution
  • You will get precise control and will be able to position the valve correctly
  • These solutions can convert a small input pressure into large output pressure
  • Due to the incompressibility of the fluid, only small amounts of energy will be lost during the operation

Final Words

Actuators are an important part of the industry. These units are used to control their valves optimally and streamline the operations in industries. Mentioned above are the three most common types of solutions available in the market. You must assess your requirements before choosing one for your business. If you are looking for a trusted supplier to help you with Actuator Valves, have a look at Mohsin Trading. We have been offering a range of solutions to our customers and ensuring overall excellence across all our products. Browse our website to look at our collection, or get in touch with our team at info@mohsintradingllc.com.