There are many types of pipe fittings used in every industrial project, and they hold immense importance to the performance of the whole assembly. The pipe fittings such as flanges, valves, and water meters monitor, direct, and control the flow of liquid while the pipes handle the delivery and extraction functions. We work with companies and engineering teams to deliver the right fitting for their operation without any delay or compromise on quality.

Flow control - Water Meters

Water meters are one of the most important and significant pipe fittings in every industry. They are used for residential and commercial purposes as well. The primary function of the water meter is to measure the water flow across a pipe section. Water meters are used by municipal authorities to understand the bill to be raised for every building. Water meters are available in electromagnetic, mechanical, and ultrasonic models across the world. They are also in industrial settings to measure the flow rate across wide pipe sections to understand the variation in low and high flow rates.

In industrial settings, the data from the water meter is important for monitoring the productivity, efficiency, and state of an extraction/processing process. Engineers on drilling rigs and operation personnel in industries rely on them for accuracy. The water meters used must be robust in quality, with a proper sealing mechanism to avoid any errors and long-life.

Marine Valves

Valves are a vital pin in every industry, but their importance is unprecedented in the marine industry. Marine valves or valves used on ships are responsible for many important functions on ships such as power generation, water management, wastewater management, and other HVAC services. The valves are also used in offshore platforms and operations in the oil and gas industry. As the ship/drilling rig sizes increase, the design, size, and material of the marine valves also have to adapt to it. Marine valves operate in extremely harsh conditions hence have to be chosen with care.

The optimum marine valve should be able to withstand high pressure, resistant to corrosion from seawater contact, and long-lasting as frequent maintenance is not feasible on ships. Some of the popular marine valves in usage include storm valves, strainers, quick closing valves, fire hose valves, safety valves, and check valves. Gate valves and butterfly valves are used more frequently than others.

Mohsin Trading company is the leading supplier of water meters and marine valves in the UAE. We have partnered with leading international brands for supplying the best quality products to our customers in this region. All our products comply with national and international standards. We assure the best quality across our product range and can source the most durable, pressure-resistant, and corrosion-resistant water meters and marine valves to suit your operational requirements.

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