Types of Stainless Steel Flanges You Should Know About

Stainless steel is among the most popular metals used in the industry. Owing to its physical properties, everything can be made from this material. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, durable, and has increased strength. These properties make it an excellent alternative for a variety of products. This material is used everywhere, from residential products to industrial applications. Pipes and fittings are the most common products made from stainless steel. Since a piping solution comprises several different components, stainless steel flanges have become a critical component to support pipes and fittings.

These flanges can support every piping system, whether it is installed at a residential property or an industrial application. These flanges can be found in a range of variety, styles, and sizes. That means you can choose an ideal solution depending on your requirements. Some flanges may be perfect for industrial use, while others can seamlessly fit your residential needs. Before selecting a stainless steel flange, it is crucial to review all varieties and then decide. Listed below are the most notable types of stainless steel flanges that you can choose from. Have a look.

Stainless Steel Flanges

Weld Neck Flanges

Weld neck flanges are designed with an elongated neck that can be welded into the pipe. This is why you will find these flanges welded to the end of the pipes. These flanges are connected by a single and complete penetration of a V-shaped butt weld. The weld neck Stainless Steel Flanges are primarily used in high-pressure applications. These flanges are also perfect for low-temperature applications where no hole is required in the fluid movement within a piping system. This flange helps eliminate the pressure and prevents any turbulence in the piping system and corrosion in the metal.

Slip-on Flange

Slip Stainless Steel Flanges are connected with the piping system with the help of two filet welds. These two filet welding is performed on both the inner and outer sides of the flange cavity. Slip-on flanges are also known as hubbed flanges, and these units are designed to be compact. The pipe’s width that passes through the flange is often smaller than the width of the bore of the slip-on flange. This unique design allows the pipe to be fastened using a filet weld.

Threaded Flange

Threaded Stainless Steel Flanges are linked by screwing the wire directly onto the flange without surface welding. Threaded flanges are often a mandatory requirement in locations prone to hazards. This is why you notice these flanges in places such as gas stations and mines. Using welded kinds is considered highly unsafe in these locations, and threaded flanges are used. You can find these flanges in sizes up to 4 inches and various pressure levels. However, these flanges are primarily used in low-pressure and low-temperature applications. Some examples include water and air utilities.

Stainless Steel Flanges Dubai

Blind Flange

Blind Stainless Steel Flanges do not come with a central opening, and these types of flanges are used to blind or close a tube, pressure vessel, or valve to obstruct the flow of a fluid. Compared to all the other flanges on this list, blind flanges offer easy access to the pipeline. These flanges can be easily unbound and enable the operators to conduct activity within the pipe terminal. Since the weight of the framework and bolting forces are required, these flanges have to endure a massive amount of mechanical stress.

Lap Joint Flange

Lap joint Stainless Steel Flanges are somewhat similar to slip-on flanges—the shape and design of the two matches to an extent. The only exception is the radius at the flange face crossing and the bore used to accommodate the flanged part at the stub end. Using these flanges in addition to the stub ends is considered a cost-effective method when you combine them with stainless steel or nickel alloy pipes. Since these flanges are considered more durable, they will be a better alternative. The lap joint content will also be of a lower grade when compared to the stub end. That is why they are a more affordable solution out of the two.

Ring Type Joint Flanges

These varieties of Stainless Steel Flanges are primarily used in applications with high-pressure and high-temperature. These flanges have a ring-type joint design featuring a groove easily compressed on the blind, slip-on, or wide neck flange. With these flanges, you can prevent and avoid leaks in the pipeline. Due to their design and functionality, these flanges are considered perfect for applications where any media is transferred at high pressure or high temperature.

Final Words

These Stainless Steel Flanges serve different functions, and the choice of the right flange lies in your hand. It is crucial to assess your needs and review the features of a flange before making a final choice. All of the options listed above are the most notable ones in the market. Make sure to assess them properly before reaching a final decision. Finding a trusted partner is equally important as finding the ideal flange. Mohsin Trading is among the leading suppliers offering the highest quality Stainless Steel Flanges in Dubai. Our years of experience in the market allow us to provide the best products to our clients. Browse our extensive collection at our website, or get in touch with our expert team at +971 55 672 1352