Types of Gate Valves and Their Industrial Uses

There are many different types of Gate Valves in the industrial plumbing world. Each type has its own uses and application. In the manufacturing industry, valves are often used to control pressure, prevent the flow of liquid into certain areas, or limit the opening of a particular pipe segment. Gate valves are also used as part of a so-called “gas-tight” production process where other valves aren’t needed because air cannot pass through a specific pipe segment. But what exactly are these different types of valves? And how do they affect your work environment? Let’s take a look at them one by one:

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Parallel Gate Valves

Parallel Gate Valves in Dubai have two identical chambers with a common set of working valves. One set is for open-circuit operation and the other is for closed-circuit operation.

During open-circuit operation, both chambers are filled with water at the same time. When one of the set’s blockages occurs, the other set is opened so the water in the two chambers can flow through it. When the blocking set is open, the flow of water is controlled by the working valves in the other set.

This type of valve is often used to control the flow of water into a basement or an underground storage tank. To close the two sets of valves, you must close off one of them. Once this is done, the other set is opened, allowing the two chambers to flow freely. Note that when using a parallel gate valve, any attempt to pass more water through the system will result in less flow from the blocked set of valves. That is, if you open the blocked set and then open the other set, you’ll have less flow from the first set to the second set.

Wedge Gate Valves

The classic valve design, the wedge Gate Valve in the UAE is also known as a sliding-lever valve. In this type of valve, an S shape with a sharp edge is designed to seal against the open position. When the lever is pushed in, it blocks the flow of water. When the lever is pulled out, the flow is allowed to continue. This type of valve often finds its way into the plumbing world as a replacement for a faulty or broken conventional valve. It can also be used to regulate the flow of water in industrial areas where overflow is a concern.

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Adjustable Valves

Adjustable gate valves allow you to set the number of openings that the Gate valves will allow. For example, you can set the opening so that only water from a specific pipe segment can supply a machine, or you can open the port so that a specific chemical can flow through the line without it being detected. Some types of adjustable valves have “hard stops” at the bottom to stop the flow when the pipe is full. Others allow you to set the max opening but have a “hard stop” at the top to stop the flow when the pipe is empty.

Mechanical Valve

The mechanical equivalent of an electronic valve, the mechanical valve is often used in tandem with an electronic valve to perform different capacities. For example, your mechanical Gate valves can be set to open and close the pipe at a set rate, and the EVM can be set to regulate the flow to a certain point, allowing it to handle more pressure or work harder for a given amount of time.

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Pneumatic Valve

If you’re working in an industrial environment where the safety and soundness of the equipment are of paramount importance, consider using a pneumatic valve. This type of valve uses pressurized air to regulate the flow of water. You can also use pneumatic Gate valves to adjust the volume of a supply line that supplies a machine. This is great for when you don’t want your machine’s indicators to illuminate when the supply line is too full.

Summing Up

Plumbing is a critical part of any building. It transports water, natural gas, oil, water heater flammability control, and other products and services. It can also be used to control flow, prevent the flow of liquid into certain areas, or limit the opening of a particular pipe segment. The types of valves found in plumbing can make a huge difference in your work environment. Gate Valves are used in both residential and industrial plumbing. If you are looking for a trusted place to buy gate valves, have a look at Mohsin Trading. We have a wide variety of Gate Valves in Dubai and we can help you find a valve best suited to your needs. Browse our website or get in touch with our team at info@mohsintradingllc.com.