Oliver Valves is the leading premier needle and ball valve manufacturer, operating globally. Oliver Valves has an extensive product range offering both needle and ball valves to 24,500 psi together with needle valve manifolds and close coupled manifolds.

Oliver Valves is trusted by thousands of companies with there worldwide reputation. A full range of mono flanges, slim line mono flanges, double block & bleed valves, injection valves, sampling valves, distribution manifolds and instrumentation products complete the extensive range offered by Oliver Valves.

Accredited to ISO 9001 : 2015, Oliver Valves is able to offer complete component tracebalitlity across a wide range of instrumentation, pipleline valves and accessories. Comprehensive in-house facilities satisfy both production and special testing requirements.

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Where valves are not held in stock, our policy is straightforward – to agree realistic deadlines and meet them.