BOTH-WELL’s logo is the symbol of high quality and well-recognized High Pressure Forged Fittings in global market today. The BOTH-WELL company name means we strive to create a WIN-WIN outcome between our customers and ourselves, which satisfies all parties.

Ever since BOTH-WELL was founded in 1985, with the spirit of pursuing the most advanced technology to produce the ultimate quality products, we’ve been continuously utilizing the most up-to-date hi-tech facilities and the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques coupled with skilled manpower and accumulated experience to achieve our goal to meet all the requirements and satisfy all the customers we cherish.

BOTH-WELL prides itself in having the best service performance in our industries which can be attributed to the quality of people we employ and the amicable relationships and close partnerships we have built with all our customers on a long term basis.

End Connection

Where fittings are not held in stock, our policy is straightforward – to agree realistic deadlines and meet them.