ALFOMEGA vibration dampening pipe clamps are manufactured in different series for use in many applications. The core range of pipe clamps encompasses Standard Series, Heavy Series and Twin Series. They meet ASTM, Shipbuilding, Nuclear, Coast Guard and other specifications.

ALFOMEGA offer a universal solution to pipe, tube and cable supports, through a wide variety of choice in types and materials in sizes from 06 to 168 mm.
ALFOMEGA main range of pipe clamps were the origin of the DIN 3015 spec, available in standard, heavy and twin series. Pipe clamps in these ranges also offer a wide choice of materials, including mild steel, stainless steel and specialist plastics such as those used in anti-corrosion and fire preventative applications.

In addition to theses main types of pipe clamps, ALFOMEGA also manufactures other clamping components and hardware. ALFOMEGA has its roots in the metal fabrication business and we can easily manufacture customer-specific fabricated metal or injection moulded products.

ALFOMEGA currently manufacture many other items for OEMs that are specially designed for that specific customer. They work closely with key personnel in the research and design stages and can make prototypes in a very short time.


Where valves are not held in stock, our policy is straightforward – to agree realistic deadlines and meet them.