How to Test Check Valves in Dubai?

Check Valves are often the most forgotten valves in the industry. However, these valves are one of the most integral parts of any system. They ensure smooth and safe operation and are found in almost all industrial plants and even homes. Testing these valves is essential to make sure they are functioning smoothly.

What are Check Valves?

These valves are also called one-way valves and are used to prevent the reverse flow of fluids and gas within the system. They come with two ports. One port is used for entry and the other for the exit. The valves are not controlled by any human or a system — and most of these valves don’t even come with any valve handle or stem.

Purpose of Check Valves

The primary purpose of a check valve is to prevent any reverse flow of liquids in the process. They work by lightening the load of the concerned water pump, preventing any overspilling, and guarding the water against getting contaminated. This makes them one of the most vital parts of any plumbing system. These valves perform a range of functions and are an essential part. Testing them becomes all the more essential. Regular tests of the valves can keep the entire plumbing system safe and allow them to function properly.

Steps to Test the Check Valves

Testing a check valve is not that tough or complicated. Just follow these three steps to perform a test.

Step 1 – To test these valves, you will have to shut off the water supply. Once the water supply is shut off, follow the supply line (you can find an arrow of the valves), keep following the line, find the valve, and switch it off. Once you are done, you must wait for at least 15 minutes for pressure to ease.

Step 2 – Search the valve for any contaminants like debris. You can do this by tapping it on the side with some tools like a screwdriver, small hammer, or a wrench. When you are tapping listen to the sound it is making — a rattling sound means the valve is fine, but if you hear a squealing sound, that can be an indication of stitch debris or a leaking valve. If you want to know the reason for the sound, then you can remove the top part of the valve and look into it to check directly. Upon looking inside, you should find a ball-in inside the valve. If you find something else, you must remove it and then out the top part of the valve back.

Step 3 – Once you are done with the above steps, you should ask someone else to help you restart the fluid supply. Start the supply for only five seconds and then switch it off. When your helper starts the water supply, put your ear and hand on the valve to check for any leakage. If the fluid is making a running sound, that indicates a leakage. When you close the water supply, you will hear a gentle click. This means the valve has closed, and water will stop running through the valve when the water supply is off.

Final Words

Check Valves are an integral part of the plumbing. Hence, you should get yours from a trusted supplier. Mohsin Trading is one of the most reputed names in the market. They provide the best quality valves for your industry and homes. For more information contact them on +971 4 223 0269 .


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