How actuator valve work?

What is an actuator valve?

A valve actuator helps in closing and opening a valve. In manual systems, a person operates an actuator valve. It uses a power source to operate the valve. The power source can be :
  • Electric
  • Pneumatic – air pressure
  • Hydraulic – the flow of oil

Types of actuator valves

The following are the major types of actuator valves:
  • Manual actuators
  • Electric actuators
  • Multi-turn
  • Quatri-turn
  • Pneumatic actuators
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Spring actuators

How does an actuator valve work?

The different kinds of actuator valves operate in different ways depending on the type of power source it uses to operate the actuator. Major components in electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators are piston and stem. Piston actuators utilize a piston that moves along the length of a chamber or cylinder. The piston is connected to the stem. Depending on the type of pressure, the stem is positioned by the piston, allowing for semi-automatic or automatic positioning of the valve which leads to the open or close of the valves. A linear actuator opens and closes valves that can be worked by means of direct power, the sort once in a while called a “rising stem” valve.

How to choose an actuator valve?

The type of actuator valve to be used is dependent on the following factors majorly:
  • Type of the valve
  • The system type- low, moderate, high-pressure system
  • The type of power source available
  • The requirements related to its operation such as fail-safe, speed, etc
  • Cost of the actuator valve

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