Globe valve is a type of control valve, used to control or regulate the flow of liquid in a pipeline. It has a movable element called a plug or a disc and a stationary element in the spherical body. The valve takes its name from the spherical shape of the stationary element. The disc is then connected to steam to be operated for all regulatory actions in the plant. They can be used in the manual mechanism and automatic actuator mechanism also. The globe valve is widely used across all industries due to its ease of operation and installation. You can vary the flow rate by just one motion as needed.

Globe Valves

Globe Valve Characteristics, Functions, and Types

Unlike a gate valve that allows bi-direction flow or a check valve that takes only flow direction, the globe valve is unique in having a specific flow direction. It can allow flow above or below the disc only. The installation and application have to be in line with the flow direction of the globe valve chosen.

The primary function of the globe valve is to regulate the flow rate so you have to install them per the marked flow direction. For low temperature and pressure, globe valves are installed for pressure under the disk and vice versa.

Globe Valves is classified into the following based on its body patterns :

  1. Standard type or Z type
  2. Angle type
  3. Oblique type or Y type

You can also classify them into ball type, needle type, or composite type based on the disc design.

Advantage of Globe Valves

Some of the major reasons for the popularity of globe valves over other valves are:

  • They are easy to install and operate
  • They are versatile and can be made to work as check-valves if the disc is not attached to the steam
  • They have a shorter stroke compared to a gate valve
  • Globe valves have good shutoff capability
  • Globe valves are available in different designs

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