Everything You Need To Know About Ball Valves

Primarily used to shut off liquid flow, ball valves are used in several industries. These valves will easily distribute and change the channel of the media. Since these are designed to provide a good flow adjustment function, ball valves are one of the most preferred options in the industry. These valves also have a simple design and a good sealing function. Thus, you can expect them to work perfectly with a variety of media. Lightweight and easy to operate, these valves are ideal to be used in moderate to extreme circumstances.

Despite featuring a simple design, ball valves can manage and direct even the most complex liquids and gasses and will become a valuable part of your system. Since the installation is easier as well, these valves are used in both commercial and industrial operations. If you are also thinking about installing a trusted solution to your system, a ball valve will be a good option. Here is a guide to ball valve types and functions to help you understand these valves better.

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Types of Ball Valves

Ball valves are the most popular types of valves in the industry. However, one design might not be suitable for all the industrial applications. Thus, before installing a ball valve in your industry, you must be aware of the different options available in the market. Here are some of the most popular types of valves offered by ball valves suppliers in Dubai.

Floating Ball Valve

The floating ball valve is a well-known design in the market. The ball is supported at both ends of the valve. The ball is moved within the valve to open and close the passageway for media. Due to the ball design, the valve offers tight sealing. This means, there will be minimal leakage when the valve is tightly closed. The floating valve has a simple structure and is considered a cost-effective solution in the market. It is also preferred by industries due to its ease of installation. These valves can be used in high-pressure applications, but they are ideal in smaller sizes. So, if you require a bigger valve to manage the flow of media, floating ball valves might not be the best choice.

Top-entry Ball Valve

These types of ball valves are designed to be in one piece. The ball and seal rings are all installed from the top of the valve. One of the most significant advantages of these valves is ease of operation. Due to their design, you don’t need to remove the valve from the pipeline. The bonnet inline can be easily opened, and the ball can be removed as well. These valves are offered in different variants such as 3-way valves or 4-way valves. Since these valves have large spheres and balls, removing or installing them is a bit difficult. Thus, if you have limited space, this valve might not be the ideal solution for you.

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Side-entry Ball Valve

In the side-entry ball valve design, the ball is installed from either end of the valve. The seat of the valve and the ball are fixed using a screw sleeve. This type of ball valve comes with a simple structure and lesser components. Manufacturing the side-entry valve is easier and it is an ideal solution for small diameters. In addition to this, side-entry ball valves are also suitable for viscous or crystallizing media including urea. Ball valves suppliers in the UAE offer these valves in both 2-pc and 3-pcs designs. The 2-pcs design is ideal for small spaces and can be used to regulate moderate flow, while the 3-pcs design works perfectly for bigger spaces and it can regulate high-pressure flow easily.

Final Words

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Ball valves are one of the most used valves in the industry. Installed in almost every industry, you can choose the perfect solution for your application. These valves are available in a multitude of designs. Every unit contains different features that make them perfect for a specific application. You will find several varieties with trusted ball valves suppliers in Dubai. Mohsin Trading is one of the best suppliers offering a wide range of ball valves to choose from. We have helped their clients find the perfect units and ensure seamless applications in their industry. Browse our collection of the best valves in the industry and choose an ideal solution for yourself. Get in touch with our team to get specialized help at info@mohsintradingllc.com