Different Types Of Stainless Steel Flanges And Their Application

Stainless steel is one of the most durable and commonly used metals. Stainless steel flanges are used in several industries, they come with a range of features including corrosion resistance, durability, longevity, etc. Pipes and flanges are some of the used materials that are created through steel flanges. These flanges can withstand extreme pressure and are used to support stainless steel pipes. You will find a variety of stainless steel flanges in the market and will be able to choose the perfect one for your needs. Listed below are some of the most popular types of flanges in the market — 

Stainless Steel Flanges


Weld Neck Flanges 

These flanges receive their name from their design. They have protruding necks and feature a bulky design. These units can withstand the environmental stress of the pipe due to their fixed position. Because of their bulky design and fixed nature, you can use these stainless steel flanges in both extreme temperatures and pressure. 

Blind Flanges 

Blind flanges do not come with a bore, and they are used to shut off certain sections of pipe. Their design and build make them suitable for high-pressure applications. In addition to being used for pressure application, blind flanges can also be used to test the flow of gas or liquid using a pipe. 

Slip-on Flanges 

Slip-on flanges can be slipped onto the pipes. Once they are slipped, these stainless steel flanges are welded on both the inside and the outside. Since these flags are inexpensive they are suitable for a range of applications and are used in a multitude of industries. Slip-on flanges are primarily used for low-temperature and low-pressure applications. 

Socket Weld Flanges 

Socket flanges are vigorously used in chemical processing industries. Since they are manufactured to withstand high pressure, they are perfect for chemical processing industries. These flanges are suitable with small diameter pipes and make several operations easier. Socket flanges are internally welded and are able to increase the overall strength and resistance of a piping system. 

Threaded Flanges 

Threaded stainless steel flanges are used in many industries and wherever installed, these flanges provide efficiency. You will be able to assemble these types of flanges without welding. Externally threaded flanges surpass the quality of stainless steel ones, but both of these must be used in low-pressure and low-temperature industries, as they are not designed to withstand extreme conditions. 

Stainless Steel Flanges

Lap Joint Flanges

Lap joint flanges are a type of slip-on flanges, and they are mostly used with stub end fittings. These units are a perfect addition to a piping system that needs regular inspection and maintenance. Since these flanges are compatible with both alloy steel and carbon steel pipes, you will be able to add them to your existing piping system without completely changing it.

Orifice Flanges

Orifice flanges come with an addition of an orifice plate that is used to measure or restrict the flow of gasses and liquids in a pipe. These two products are sold together and mostly you will find them attached to each other using screws and plates. Thus, when you buy orifice stainless steel flanges, you will get two parts as a complete product.

Ring Type Joint Flanges

These are flanges designed with a ring-type joint. These flanges are mostly used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. When compared to other options in the market, ring-type joint flanges feature a groove that can be squeezed. Thus, you will be able to prevent leaks in a pipeline and will be able to transfer liquids and gasses at high pressure as well.

Final Words

These are all the stainless steel flanges you will find in the market. A flange is a must in your piping system, and a stainless steel one offers durability and longevity. You will be able to use them for a range of applications and streamline your industrial operations in the best manner. If you are looking for a trusted supplier to help you find the best stainless steel flanges, have a look at Mohsin Trading. We offer a wide variety of products in our comprehensive collection. Browse our website to look at our products, or get in touch with our specialized team to discuss your specific needs at +971 55 672 1352.