Benefits of High Pressure Valves

What is a valve?

It is a piece of equipment that is used in various settings that includes flow of liquids where the pressure needs to be regulated or lowered. It is also used to release the flow in such environments whenever required.

What is a high pressure valve?

It is a valve that works in pressures that are more than 500 PSI. Because of the design of these high pressure valves, they can be used in high pressures since it allows maximum working pressure without causing any damage to the body of the valve.

Where are High pressure valves used?

Application of these high pressure valves can be seen in the oil and gas production industry. There are five various types of high pressure valves:
  1. Relief: they act as the safeguard in fluid power systems by limiting the maximum pressure through diverting excess oil when the pressure is too high.
  2. Reducing: when there is a downstream pressure in the hydraulic system, these high pressure valves remain open and closed. There are two types: direct acting operated by pilot
  3. Sequence: they are used when the system or circuit has many actuators or cylinders that need pressure regulation and it has to be done sequentially. High pressure valves are helpful in such environments with the help of timers, limit switches, etc.
  4. Counterbalance: they are used to set the pressure in a circuit to counterbalance any external force.
  5. Unloading: as the name suggests, these high pressure valves are used in unloading pumps.

Benefits of high pressure valves

  • Ensures stable flow and pressure
  • Reduces risk of leaks
  • Can handle pressure up to 50000 PSI
  • Safeguards the entire system from irreversible damages
  • Regulates pressure whenever necessary for safety
  • Long service life

Where do you get them

Generally, high pressure valves can be bought from any company that supplies industrial equipment. But to get the best quality, it is better to get professional help in terms of getting valves that are worth the money. Mohsin Trading LLC is one of the most trusted suppliers of high pressure valves. You can be sure that you will be getting the best quality. To know more, you can visit their website.

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