In the world of industrial valves, ball valves are the most common valve used everywhere. Right from processing units, petroleum manufacturing, oil and gas extraction, or other manufacturing units, ball valves are extensively used to control the flow of liquids or gases. Ball valves are simpler in usage and primarily used as an on-off valve. A quarter-turn valve, it becomes invaluable when the flow of liquid/gases has to be switched on and off frequently. Ball valves are easy to install and operate, making them a favorite among designers and operators.

Ball Valves Applications

Ball valves are employed wherever the flow of a liquid or gas has to be blocked or allowed periodically. Ball valves can be used in :

Ball valves
  • Air, gaseous, and vapor systems in hydrocarbon systems
  • To avoid/prevent leakage in off conditions in sensitive environments
  • Conditions where maintenance is difficult and need a long-lasting secure valve
  • Steam services
  • Instrument root valves
  • Cooling water systems and feeder systems

Any place that needs to be handled with urgency and minimal pressure conditions can use a ball valve effectively without any hassles. It is a versatile valve and can solve many problems in residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Ball Valves Types

Ball valves can be classified into different types based on the type of material such as carbon steel ball valves, stainless steel ball valves, and alloy-based ball valves. We also supply different designs of ball valves to suit your specific project requirement. Some of the popular ball valve designs are :

  • Single body design with a side insert ball valve
  • Two-piece body design ball valve
  • Three-piece body design or three-way ball valve
  • Floating ball valve
  • Mounted ball valve
  • Fully welded ball valve
  • Split body ball valve

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