Ball valves are mechanical devices that are capable of modulating, directing, controlling, and guiding liquids, gasses, and pressure. This is among the most effective and used valves in the industry. Its ball-shaped disc is hollow, allowing it to start or stop the flow of media. Ball valves are one of the most used industrial equipment. There are many popular types of valves used in industries ranging from petrochemical industries to power plants. Ball valves are also known as pig valves in many applications, and their unique design makes them a valuable addition to every industry.

There is more than one type of ball valve in the industry, and you must ensure to choose the correct one for your business. These valves vary in design and are used for different applications. They also have their own set of pros and cons. Choosing the correct ones will help you boost efficiency around your operations and manage your media flow better. To help you with making the correct choice, we have listed the top options below. You will find a list of options along with their pros and cons to help your selection process. Compare them and find the best choice for your business.

Ball valves in Dubai

Types of Ball Valves Classified by Their Body Styles

There are several body styles available when it comes to ball valves. However, before getting to the exact body style, you must know there are four separate types of body styles, that is, single body, split body, top entry, and welded styles. These body styles are different from the type of ball valves available in the market. Thus, you can choose from an extensive collection of variations and find an ideal ball valve for your industry.

The wide variety means you will get more potential applicability with ball valves in Dubai. Since there are such different variations of valves available in the market, it is easier to get confused. This is why we have listed some of the most popular types of ball valves below to help make your selection process a bit easier. You can check out the following option while choosing a ball valve for your industry.

Full Port Ball Valve

Full port ball valves are one of the many types of options available in the market. These types of ball valves have distinct and oversized balls. However, the ball is not there in vain; it serves an essential purpose. The oversized ball is of a similar size to the pipeline.

If the ball would not be the same size as the pipeline, it would increase the friction, and the flow will be unrestricted as well. However, since the ball is the same size as the pipe, the friction is automatically reduced, allowing you better control over the flow of media. In addition to having an oversized ball, the port ball valve is bigger as well and can be used in a range of industries.

Standard Port Ball Valve

Similar to their name, the standard port ball valves in Dubai are standard and usual. This means the standard options will be less expensive and low maintenance than all the other options on this list. These valves have a smaller ball and the size of the valve in itself is smaller as well.

This will directly make the flow inside the well to be less pressurized. The flow is one pipe size smaller than the valve’s pipe size. This makes the flow more restricted and slower in comparison to other valves on this list. In addition to these features, standard ball valves have a higher pressure drop and are great for systems with high flow coefficients.

The V Port Ball Valve

The V port ball valve got its name due to its V-shaped seat. The design of these ball valves allows its orifice, or the medium through which the product flows to be opened or closed easily. The structure also makes it easier for you to control the direction of the flow. Although it can be a helpful thing in the application, the design is not suited for everyone.

The design of the ball valve is suitable for only some specific types of applications. These ball valves are used in a secure site. When opening the valve, it is opened at the small end first, allowing it to stabilize the flow control, the complex design of this valve helps it to manage media at high velocities that would damage the standard valves. Thus, it is a more robust solution used in fewer applications.


Trunnion Ball Valve

A trunnion valve can sound confusing when you first hear its name. The name is an amalgamation of two words, true and union. These types of ball valves have a pin in place that is used to secure the ball in one place and stop its movement. In terms of design, you will find two shafts at the end of the ball.

This allows them to support a segmented ball and reduce the friction between different parts of the valve. The design and mechanism make them ideal for high-pressure projects. These valves can withstand high-pressure better than standard ball valves and can be removed from the piping system if necessary.

Manually Operated Ball Valve

In the end, you also have an option to go with manually operated ball valves in Dubai. These valves can be closed more quickly than all the other options mentioned on this list. The quick closing will be an advantage in some cases, but it can also lead to water hammering. These types of valves come with an actuator that can be connected to a motor or handled manually.

The motor connection will use an on/off button to regulate the flow of water. These valves also come with a positioner transforming the control signal into an actuator position. These valves offer better flexibility, and this is what makes them an ideal solution to many projects and applications.

Final Words

Ball valves are one of the most popular valve types in the industry. However, the different specifications and designs can confuse anyone. The options mentioned above are only a few variations of ball valves, you can find several other options that will be more suited to your needs.

Knowing the specifications of the valves will improve your decision-making process and ensure you install the ideal solution for your industry. If you need guidance in this process, you can enlist help from Mohsin Trading. We provide a range of ball valves in Dubai, and we can help you find the ideal one. Browse our collection from our website, or get in touch with our team at +971 55 672 1352.