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Flow control is an important function in most manufacturing, oil and gas, and other industrial applications. Flow control valves play a significant role in machine design, production design, and other delivery functions. Flow control valves help manufacturers and producers control the flow of liquids and gas either manually or through automatic function. Such critical function cannot be taken lightly and every flow control valve must match the standard without any defects.

AMS Flow control valves are at the pinnacle of quality when it comes to all types of flow control valves. They are the global leaders in this industry for many years and have been delivering excellent products without a hiccup. Using their product ensures that all your operations will take place smoothly and efficiently.

Mohsin Trading LLC is the leading dealer of AMS Flow Control valves in the UAE. The company supplies valves to Oil & Gas, E&P and Petrochemical, Chemical, Mining / Minerals, Power, Marine, and Industrial markets. They consist of core Multi-Turn products, with a variety of alloys, trims, configurations, sizes, and pressure classes, from general to severe in application. AMS products are designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet your stringent process requirements, and Mohsin Trading LLC is the one-stop-shop for all AMS products.

AMS’s products are certified to API-6D, API-6A, API-600, PED, and ISO 9000 standards. The company’s extensive marketing network facilitates AMS’s truly global reach by providing best-in-class Sales, Supply, and Customer excellence. AMS’s “never compromise” philosophy ensures total satisfaction, which produces repeat business from our valued clients.

AMS Flow Control Valves

By choosing to use an AMS flow control valve, you are choosing quality that has been accepted all over the world. Also, the AMS flow control valve follows all international standards and will be the best product fit for your international standard pipe fixtures. You would not have to make any alterations if you go with AMS Flow control valves.

Mohsin Trading LLC for AMS Flow Control Valves

Mohsin Trading LLC is the preferred supplier for all pipes and pipe fittings across the UAE for many years now. Our team is always ready to fulfill your orders as per your requirement whenever you want. We are well aware of the time and cost pressures faced by our customers so stockholding is central to our service.

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